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Aims and Objectives

Have you seen people demand climate justice? Heard the term mentioned in climate talks? Wondered what it is? Or are you actively fighting for climate justice and want to deepen your understanding and connect with other groups?

We are Earth in Brackets, International Justice Initiative, and The Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice. We want to help you learn about climate justice and why it is essential when tackling the issue of climate change. We want to help you understand the history of the movement, the topics it relates to, and why there is still hope worth fighting for.  This website is meant as a learning tool for everyone interested in joining the movement.


Please reach out if you want to contribute! We are happy to send you templates, links, get you in touch with people, get in touch with new people, receive literature we can work through, and be in touch with you on how we can make the Climate Justice Syllabus an even more helpful tool!

We are dreaming of podcasts, stories, photo albums, ideas, suggestions, feedback, essays, research, interviews, articles, and help!


Who we are 

The climate justice syllabus is an educational tool developed by the climate justice group Earth in Brackets at College of the Atlantic and the International Justice Initiative (IJI) at University of Tasmania and inspired by The Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice (DCJ).